Our Policies

Human Resource Policy
In accordance with our vision of "TO BE A PRODUCT LEADER IN PIG IRON AND CASTING BUSINESS", we strongly believe that a satisfied employee is an unadvertised asset of a company. Hence, we at Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Ltd. are committed to bind the organization with a common purpose, a common mission, and common values so as to continuously upgrade the quality of work life of our employees through:
  • Creation of a good working environment and shared accountability for quality, safety, and knowledge.
  • Adoption of improved work practices to foster intellectual capital.
  • Develop people with a high degree of entrepreneur ability and leadership qualities.
  • Develop emotional togetherness for strong ownership
  • Defining the role and responsibilities of employees to generate empowerment and the right leadership
  • Encouraging teamwork, participation, and evolvement to effectively deal with the negative residues
  • Development of the personnel to create knowledge tank and a learning base to defeat the competition
  • Recognize performers through rewards and recognition
Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety Policy
In accordance with our vision ‘To be a partner of choice with our valued customers for Pig iron, Castings, and Machined components’ and as permission ‘To become a Billion Dollar company by 2030 and a preferred Employer & responsible neighbor’. We at Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Limited are committed to protect the environment and continually improve the Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety performance in all our activities.

We are committed to:

  • Prevent environmental pollution by adopting the best available technologies in implementing & maintaining good environmental practices in all our activities.
  • Achieve sustainability through optimum utilization of natural resources by continually improving our processes.
  • Fulfill all applicable compliance obligations related to Environment, Occupational Health, and Safety Management Systems.
  • Minimize waste by adopting Reduce, Reuse and Recycle practices through Systematic and Cost-effective methods.
  • Provide a safe and wholesome work environment and prevent injuries / ill health.
  • Control all pollutants and hazards within prevailing acceptable limits through state-of-the-art technology or resources.
  • Communicate this policy to all employees including the contract labor / temporary workmen and interested parties to ensure that they are aware of EOHS obligations.
  • Involve relevant interested parties in conducting EOHS risk assessment and improve Environmental, Occupational Health, and Safety performance.
  • Review and update this policy periodically to ensure that it is appropriate to the context of the organization.
Quality Policy

KFIL is committed to achieving Total Customer Satisfaction through the adoption of state – of – the – art manufacturing technologies and processes with continuous improvements. KFIL is also committed to improving the Quality of work-life of its employees through improved work practices.

Quality Objectives
Maximization of Customer Satisfaction by the consistent supply of Quality Casting & Pig Iron.
Provide technical support and guidance to our suppliers through Quality Assurance Programmes to ensure the highest Quality of purchased materials. Supplier is a critical link in our Quality System.
Development and motivation of all employees by providing necessary training and support to bring out their full potential.
Continuously striving for Product Excellence through adherence to documented work practices, technical and managerial innovation and continuous improvements. Our endeavor is to push ourselves until our processes and products are the finest in the country and compare with the best in the world.

Our Policies